Via Claudia Augusta

The Imperial state road over the Alps, the VIA CLAUDIA AUGUSTA, is about 2000 years old. It was once the military connection route between the foothills of the Alps and the Adriatic. Over the course of the centuries the route became one of the most important trade and travel routes. Today, the Via Claudia Augusta is an important road from a cultural and touristic point of view.

" and cycle on the traces of the Romans"

One of the probably best known and most popular cycling and long-distance hiking paths with its start in Donauwörth in Bavaria in Germany and its finish in Venice, Verona or Ostiglia in Italy, provides a doable and wonderful crossing of the Alps for all cyclists, professionals or leisure time cyclists, young or old. The road is about 500 km long and impresses with fascinating views of the Alps!

Each stretch awaits you with a special charm, impressive nature landscapes, and historic villages and places!

Discover the 2000 year old history along the Via Claudia Augusta together with us and enjoy a combination of nature trip and culture journey on the easiest crossing of the Alps for cyclists, the old Roman road that connects the Danube with the Po and the Adriatic.